Installation Details

Game Room Vaults, the leading online store of game tables is proud to announce a new service, where we have installers throughout the US, who can come right after delivery and assemble your product.

Assembling a game table can be difficult and laborious work. After receiving a lot of requests from customers, we have signed up with handymen throughout the US who can come and assemble your table.


Our installers are all experienced. They do quick and professional work making sure that no damage occurs during installation. With no work on your part, your table will be ready for you!  


To take advantage of this service, simply click on this option on the product page and you will receive an estimated price that will be charged for. We will contact you within 24 hours of placing your order.

If installation costs less than the amount of your purchase, we will refund you the difference. However, if installation costs more, we will send you an invoice for the outstanding balance.