Plan Your Next Winter Pool Party - Indoors!

Instead of trying to fight the cold and bundling up for the cold weather, why not have an indoor pool party? By indoor pool party, I am subtly suggesting billiards, a different kind of pool party altogether. A home billiard or game room is not only a great historic pastime, but provides for constant fun and excitement, also.

Although the term "perfect" usually lies in the eye of the beholder, many different components go into the "perfect" home billiard or game room. First and foremost,, a pool table must be present for a pool room to exist, along with a couple of complementary billiard room activities to entertain your guests who are waiting for their turns or just want to participate in something other than a game of 8-ball. If cost or the amount of space you have available prohibits you from purchasing a full-sized pool table, consider a smaller six-foot billiard table or a hexagonal bumper pool table, which are much smaller and more affordable, yet still provide endless fun. If you happen to not be much of a billiard fan, then perhaps highlight your game room with a ping pong or air hockey table, two more cheaper alternatives to a full-sized billiard table. As for complimentary pool room games, you will want to opt for ideas that take up much less space. A dart cabinet, for instance, is a great billiard room game. It hangs on the wall, out of the way, and requires very little playing room. Other ideas include a foosball table, video game coffin, pinball machine, card or poker table, table shuffleboard, plus may others.

The next aspect to consider is what kinds of furniture you will want to include. Just remember your bottom line...regardless what you decorate with, the whole idea behind a pool room is to relax and enjoy yourself. Cover your new billiard room walls with items and colors pleasing to your eyes. A poorly colored or decorated pool or game room can seriously dampen your mood, or even portray unintended moods (if you use cooler, darker colors, it might tend to make people less competitive and a bit more laid back, whereas more vibrant colors gives you much more energy), making it less desirable to spend time in your game room. Some more popular home billiard room furniture and decor items include bar stools and pub tables, Tiffany glass lamps, wall cue racks, engraved mirrors, neon clocks and signs, and sports pennants and posters.

Something else commonly overlooked for a game room is music. Many people will agree that music makes the world go 'round. Having music in your game room is no exception. Any home pool room can be good, but music can make it great, as music provides pleasure for your ears, just as color and decor does for your eyes. Without music in your billiard room, the silence and monotony can create a very dull, drab, and sometimes uncomfortable atmosphere, leaving the ambiance less exciting and making your game room less enticing. Music also helps to build longer lasting memories, as well, often acting as a catalyst to bring up past experiences, turning them into more vivid memories. Music can be channeled into your "pool" party through a number of outlets, including AM/FM or Satellite radio, CDs, internet streaming, and so on.

Now that you have the option of moving your "pool" party inside, these ideas should help you get started. And even if you do not enjoy a billiard game every now and then, multiple avenues exist on all levels to create the perfect home game room, regardless of what "perfect" means to you. don't get wet in this type of pool. Nonetheless, it is still a ton of fun and hours upon hours of entertainment.